EG News

20.03.12 Finished a DVD called "Completing the AEDI Survey with an Indigenous Cultural Consultant" with Menzies School of Health Research and the Australian Early Development Index View Video

6.02.12 Completed a promotional DVD about FAST NT (Familes and Schools Together) Program working on Aboriginal CommunitiesView Video

22.01.12 For Apprentice Groups Australia, have completed a DVD promoting a program designed to get refugees into apprenticeships in the Metal Engineering trades View Video

At EG productions, we believe that culture and language represent no barrier to getting information across to people. In fact, language and cultural nuances can be useful tools to make content more engaging to people from an ESL background. Our combined experience of over twenty-five years multimedia, film and television production experience ensures a professional result for your next television advertisement, educational or corporate video production, multimedia or print presentation.

Why choose EG Productions?

  • We deliver above and beyond expectations
  • We provide quotations, produce and deliver media in a timely manner.
  • Always meet budgets, funding expectations and aquittals.
  • Are experts in navigating stakeholder requirements and working collaboratively.
  • Have the highest standards in client confidentiality.
  • Have all the necessary insurance, contractual, consent, and accounting protocols in place so your production is legally and ethically a cut above.


03.12.11 The short film "Riding In Between" by Greg Stehle and EG Productions has won "The Manutschehr Gabriel award for Achievement" at the 2011 Harmony Film Festival in Sydney.View Film.